From Lucas Mendoza, Student Advocate

As I said during my Student Advocate campaign, the talent show is the perfect opportunity for our ECA community to really get to know each other and learn how much potential there is among us. In this first edition of the ECA Talent Show, we saw incredible talent like piano playing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, and much more. I want ECA students to know that there is more in life than just studying and grades; each person has their own talents and abilities which will take us very far later on in life.

I want to congratulate every member who participated in the talent show. I know it is not easy to do this, but it is courage and talent like this that will make you stand out in the real world. I also want to congratulate Sharon Argüello (5th) for her astonishing art skills, Juan Sebastián Bautista (alumni) for his fine sports skills, Gabriela Pardo (10th) for her beautiful, flawless voice, Rachel Jeske (teacher) for her unusual but outstanding talent, and lastly, the winners of the grand prize Manuela (5th) and María José (6th) Bernal for their impeccable duet, as well as their amazing sister connection. The Student Advocate committee had a great time announcing the winners this last Saturday during the live presentation and watching all the talent displayed before our community. We most definitely will always be proud of our school. ¡Orgullo y Pertenencia! 


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