The Trussells are back in Oregon and will be living and working alongside the Trussell family on their farm. Ed will be working on the farm and is excited about learning how to be a beekeeper. Sarah will be working with TeachBeyond as the Coordinator for Educational Services for Latin America. She will be supporting teachers, schools, and educational programs all over Latin America, equipping teachers and schools to be agents for transformational education.


Mark Cooper wrote: I have lived here in Bogotá for 3 years and worked with ECA for 1 of those. The longer I am here, the more I realize that what God has for me to do in Colombia is going to be long term. I simply love all of you and I love Colombia. Some of the vision for your lives that God has given me may not be realized for years to come. Part of my strategy to accomplish the vision has been to obtain a seminary degree. Shortly after the quarantine began, Fuller Theological Seminary sent me a letter of acceptance. After much prayer and fasting, with all this in mind, the uncertainties of travel in the pandemic, and the fact that God has blessed me with a scholarship, I have made the difficult decision not to return to Colombia in the fall. This will allow me to focus full time on finishing my Master of Divinity (MDiv). I am hoping the MDiv will equip me to complete the work in Colombia that He has begun in me.

If I could leave you, my ECA family, with one encouragement as I leave, it would be that we would let Prayer be our first response and not our last resort. Pray First in everything.

Ric and Sharon Wiles decided to leave a few months ago due to Sharon’s health, but have not been able to leave due to the COVID-19 situation. The plan is to go back to the States, get Sharon taken care of, and see what the Lord has in store for them – whether back here someday or somewhere else! They don’t know that at the moment. The most important thing is Sharon’s health issue.



Dear ECA Community,

Thank you for your support and love over the past 2 years. Lord willing, I will be moving to Florida to teach, serve, and plan a wedding! Once again, thank you to all, especially 6th Grade students and parents. I will be leaving part of my heart with you, but taking all the wonderful memories. With love, Victoria Flores 


Mr. VT wrote: I will be returning to Alliance Middle School in Nebraska, where I came from before coming to ECA, to be one of its two administrators. I will also be the APL Instructional Strategies trainer for the district again. I am excited to renew both professional, church family, and long-time friendships throughout western Nebraska. However, I can tell that God is not done with me yet in Colombia and I hope to return there shortly, and possibly even live there again. I really enjoyed my time at ECA and look forward to seeing what God is going to do there in the future! I want to thank everyone for their friendship.


John Server wrote: I am exploring the opportunity to work with TeachBeyond, my sending organization for working in Colombia. Although nothing has been established firmly as yet, it looks like I will be joining the CATE Center (Christians Advancing Transformational Education) in researching and discussing ideas for supporting efforts toward transformational education across various schools that TeachBeyond is partnered with.



Rachel Frantz wrote: Starting in June, I will be attending the University of Indianapolis in pursuit of a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in STEM teaching. This is a 1-year program that will allow me to continue teaching science in the States after graduation. I am looking forward to loving on a new community and learning more about the world around us!


María Lucía Rojas wrote: My plans for this coming school year are staying home with my two boys. My youngest just turned 2 months old, and I have really seen the benefits of staying home in the very early stages. I’m also looking into starting my online Master’s program during that time too.

Mark Rogers wrote: Olivia Calandro and I are planning to get married in June. I will then be focusing on finishing my seminary studies in missions to better aid ministry at our church (Aposento Alto Orquídeas) and the FIEL Bible Institute, here in Bogotá.


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