I write this article motivated by facts that make me think that human beings must do something soon to save those animal species that are now in danger of extinction.

There are two main factors that lead to this fact: first of all, illegal hunting for commercial purposes, such as the sale of claws, fangs, skins, and organs on the black market. Among these species we find the whale shark, the leatherback turtle, the beluga whale, tigers, leopards, manta rays and the African elephant among others.

Second and not less important, the phenomenon known as climate change that causes the fragmentation and destruction of the natural habitat of species such as the penguin, polar bear, sea lion, koala, river dolphin, panda, and many more, reaching more than 1,000 species that are in imminent danger of extinction. 

According to this, the question I want to ask is, is not now the time to change this? If you want to be part of this cause, start with small things that over time will give great results. Here I share some ideas:

  • Save energy at home
  • Don’t turn lights on unnecessarily
  • Don’t use more water than you need
  • Don’t throw trash in parks, forests, rivers, or on beaches, and much less in the sea
  • Practice recycling routines at home, and
  • Never buy products made with the skin or any animal organ.

In conclusion, I hope that this text has impacted your heart, because I wrote it hoping that after reading it you will make decisions. Remember this, many small efforts will bring great results.

Jerónimo García, 4th 

Translated by Henry Piñeros 

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