This article came to us from the Santillana (publishing) Group:

Due to the current situation, it is essential to have tools that help us face everyday life. That’s why the Santillana Group wants to share a test that is part of the Achievements educational innovation program, called Family Confinement.

This test was designed by Isauro Blanco to guide families to face the situation of forced confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic by measuring two objectives:

  • Stress management: The ability of the family, led by the parents, to maintain serenity in adverse situations through adequate emotional regulation and a tight belief system about life, circumstances, and the possibilities of taking action.
  • Time and space management: Refers to the family’s ability to plan, establish routines, rules, and limits, and manage the physical spaces of the home.

To access the test in Spanish, which is anonymous and completely free, click here.

At the end, you will receive some general and specific suggestions, based on your responses.


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