Family Points

ECA highly values family involvement, and for years the Family Point System has been in place to encourage families to know and support their children’s ECA world. This year we are not using the point system. But we will continue to track family involvement because teamwork between school and home is one of our foundational beliefs, and we want to ensure we are still valuing this home/school relationship. We encourage you to be involved by participating on a Parent Council committee, by praying with parents in your class, or by using your time/gifts to support the ECA vision and mission.

Continual learning about parenting topics by participating in planned workshops is a great way to not only be involved at ECA, but also to meet the governmental requirement of attending a minimum of three workshops this school year. Due to COVID restrictions, parent visits on campus are still regulated this first quarter, and individual issues will be mostly dealt with virtually. You can find more details about this topic in the School Handbook.


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